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Building Customised NixOS Images

By Franz Pletz on Tue, 9. Sep 2018

To set up a NixOS system, you usually boot into a live NixOS system and install it onto a local disk as outlined in the manual. You can then modify the system configuration to tailor it to your needs. The build system Hydra builds live images like ISO images, container tarballs or AMIs based on their definition in nixpkgs. These images are made available for download on the official website.

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Hardening Compiler Flags for NixOS

By Franz Pletz on Tue, 8. Aug 2017

In the past year some Mayflower colleagues have started using and contributing to NixOS, a purely functional GNU/Linux distribution that combines package and configuration management. We decided that we would give it a try in production but stumbled upon some issues that had to be resolved first. We have added new packages, services and fixed up some internal. Due to this work two colleagues have even gained commit access in the process.

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From Vagrant to NixOps

By Hendrik Schaeidt on Fri, 3. Mar 2017

I have been following the development of NixOps for some months. NixOps is a cloud deployment tool using nix, the functional package manager for unix systems. Nix makes it very intuitive to define absolute package dependencies. No more thinking and guessing about required runtime dependencies. NixOps supports deploying to different platforms. Bare-metal, cloud, and even virtual environments like virtualbox work out of the box. I have worked in many projects using vagrant.

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Our Crew

Franz Pletz

Franz Pletz


NixOS Security & Release Manager

Franz has been herding GNU/Linux systems for over 15 years. You are probably running some of his code right now because he loves submitting patches just as much as ranting about broken code.

Robin Gloster

Robin Gloster


NixOS Release Manager

Robin has been using Linux since he was a 13 year old child in school and has always been hacking around with it, being happiest with NixOS and loving its declarativity. No more eventual consistency, the usual case with other configuration management.

Simon Lackerbauer

Simon Lackerbauer


nixpkgs contributor

With research interests in statistics and data analytics, another failed virtualenv led this long-time functional programming enthusiast to nix. He hasn’t looked back since.

Our Services


Whatever the challenges are, that you are facing using Nix and the related tooling, we have the prevalent solutions you can depend upon.


In individual workshops we will introduce you and your team to the wonders of reproducibility without the need for scary side effects.


After evaluating and analyzing your current infrastructure, we will provide you with the insights you need for a successful transition to the Nix ecosystem.


Whether you want continued assistance on your declarative journey or long term support for a NixOS release with security updates, we have got you covered.

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