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Leveraging NixOS Tests in your Project

By Linus Heckemann, Simon Lackerbauer, Franz Pletz on Thu, 7. Jul 2019

NixOS contains infrastructure for building integration tests based on QEMU/KVM virtual machines running NixOS. Tests built on this infrastructure are continuously run on new nixpkgs versions to ensure that NixOS continues to install and boot and that various services continue to operate correctly. This post illustrates how one may test a simple web service using NixOS tests. To have a simple enough example at hand, we wrote a small service in PHP—a classical guestbook in which visitors can leave a message that will then be written to a database and subsequently shown to later visitors of the same site.

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The nixops defaults module

By Simon Lackerbauer on Thu, 11. Nov 2018

Avoiding code repetition in a nixops deployment As with most configuration management tools, there are some options in nixops that need to be defined for virtually any machine in a deployment. These global options tend to be abstracted in a common base profile that is simply included at the top of a node configuration. This base profile can be used for including default packages, services or machine configuration usually needed on all machines—like networking debug tools and admin users with access to the whole network.

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The NixOps resources.machines option

By Robin Gloster on Fri, 10. Oct 2018

The resources.machines attribute set NixOps provides the evaluated node configurations of a deployment network in the resources.machines attribute set. Using this information, one can easily implement machine configurations that are generated from options in an existing network. For example, a reverse proxy that automatically proxies to all other webservers in the network—one which could handle TLS termination for all of them—can be generated without having to manually define individual virtual hosts.

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Our Crew

Franz Pletz

Franz Pletz


NixOS Security & Release Manager

Franz has been herding GNU/Linux systems for over 15 years. You are probably running some of his code right now because he loves submitting patches just as much as ranting about broken code.

Robin Gloster

Robin Gloster


NixOS Release Manager

Robin has been using Linux since he was a 13 year old child in school and has always been hacking around with it, being happiest with NixOS and loving its declarativity. No more eventual consistency, the usual case with other configuration management.

Linus Heckemann

Linus Heckemann


NixOS Release Manager

Discovering nix a year after living through a period of docker-related frustration made Linus very happy, and he has since become a very active member of the community, regular contributor, and release manager for NixOS 19.03 and 19.09.

Simon Lackerbauer

Simon Lackerbauer


nixpkgs contributor

With research interests in statistics and data analytics, another failed virtualenv led this long-time functional programming enthusiast to nix. He hasn’t looked back since.

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