Inspecting coredumps like it's 2021

A coredump is a snapshot of a process’s memory that is usually created by the kernel when a crash happens. These can be fairly helpful to find out which part of the code broke by looking at the backtrace or finding any kind of corruption by introspecting the memory itself. Unfortunately it can be a bit tedious to work with these. This article aims to give an overview over helpful tools & tricks to leverage the full power of coredumps on Nix-based systems.

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__structuredAttrs in Nix

In Nix 2 a new parameter to the derivation primitive was added. It changes how information is passed to the derivation builder. Current State In order to show how it changes the handling of parameters to derivation, the first example will show the current state with __structuredAttrs set to false and the stdenv.mkDerivation wrapper around derivation. All parameters are passed to the builder as environment variables, canonicalised by Nix in imitation of shell script conventions:

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